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Stop Getting Screwed Over by Tinder Algorithm

Can you guess which one of these…

Is the main reason why you’re not getting any likes on Tinder…

Just like 90% of guys who stay under girls’ radar…

No matter how much time, money and effort they put into their profile?

Is it because of…

Your looks?

Your photos?

Your bio?

Or simply because dating apps aren’t for you?

All of this makes no sense at ALL.

You swipe 100s of chicks daily.

Your friends tell you your photos and bio are cool.

But for all that swiping like crazy…

Your match rate is next to 0.

This gets to you…

And starts playing games with your mind.

You start thinking…

You’re not hot enough.

You’re not rich enough.

You’re not Chad enough.

Or that Tinder is a scam…

Designed to humiliate you and make you a laughing stock…

And feeling more alone than ever.


All this is just PLAIN WRONG.

What if I told you there’s a way to game Tinder…

By literally FORCING the algorithms to hand you those sweet matches over!

Do what I’ll about to share with you…

And you could be getting 10-30 new matches within a WEEK.

This means…

      5-10 interesting conversations

      at least 2 dates (and that’s with the low acceptance rate of 25%)

      a fun night or the beginning of something deeper – you never know!

Stick with me….

Cause I’m also going to reveal 6 MAJOR HACKS you can use TODAY…

To stop being invisible

Start getting more matches

With girls you actually LIKE...

Start meeting them IRL…

And when you’re done playing… Find the One.

But before that…

Bro, is This You?

You’re swiping 100s of girls on Tinder… Every. Single. Day.
But you only get a few likes from chicks you’re not really into…

You've started thinking you’re not good enough

Because Tinder was your only hope…

You want to match with a hottie, DTF girl, or someone for a long-term relationship

But they either swipe left
Or quickly unmatch and ghost you?

You feel the best years of your life are passing you by…

While everyone else is having all these wild experiences?

The good news is…

There’s finally a way to step up your Tinder game
And meet as many hotties as you can handle.

And it’s easier than you think…

If you know what to focus on.

But first, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Ben.


And if you’re wondering:

“Who’s this guy talking to me about Tinder?”

The truth is…

7 years ago I was exactly where you are now.

You see…

I’m just an average dude…

170 cm (5’7) tall…

And though my mom thinks I’m dashing…

I’m not Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yet, since I joined Tinder…

I’ve matched with hundreds of smoking hot girls on Tinder…

I’m talking…

      Cute girl-next-door types you can play PS4 with all day…

      Foreign girls visiting my city and looking for fun holidays

      Zumba instructor with a perfect peach booty

      And my fav – the mean popular girl who used to bully me in high school…

      That suddenly turned into a sweetheart.

All this went on until I met my current long-term girlfriend…

And decided to settle down.

But it wasn’t always like this.

When I first signed up for Tinder…

I couldn’t get one single match to save my life.

In real life, I was doing fine…

Traveling around the world, landing my dream job…

But on Tinder: I was invisible.

I was lucky I got ANY matches…

And when I did…

Not to be a jerk…

But girls who were average AT BEST would ghost me quickly.

All of this was eating away at my confidence …

And seeing all my friends hooking up on Tinder…

Made me feel less of a man.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Am I doomed to be alone?’

“Am I not good enough for these girls?”

Questions like these were hammering my head… 24/7

Finally, I decided enough is enough.

And I started working my ass off on figuring this out.

It wasn’t easy or fast.

It took me 3 years of trials and failures to do it right.

But you don’t need to waste 3 years of your life to start matching up.

I already did all the heavy lifting for you. I got your back!

So, how did little ol’ me start crushing the Tinder game?

Stick with me cause in a minute, I’m about to show you..

How not only me…

But also 5,000 guys from 80+ countries have already used this method…

And transformed their dating game and self-esteem.

The crazy part?

It's WAY EASIER than you think.

It’s FAST.

And it’s super AFFORDABLE.

And now you can snap up this game-changer, too.

Some Amazing Results from My Students!

“Holy shit! I used these tricks to meet a French girl who’s an expat in my city for a couple of drinks on Friday — only a week after I bought this course…I came back home Monday afternoon. Safe to say it was a “successful” night."

Shivansh, 31

“I was looking for a girl down to get food & chill on weekends…No cuffin for now. Stoked to have matched with an easy 9 to vibe with. Thanks,Ben. You’re da man!”

Will, 25

“Before, I was really getting pissed at Tinder. I thought they had it in for me … Like, to get me to pay or something. Taking this course was a life-changer. Literally. I applied everything I learned and was lucky to meet my now fiancée in March.”

Ahmed, 27

“I got tired of seeing all of my buddies getting laid on Tinder. Wish I did this sooner. I’m getting a shitton of matches with the hottest girls in my city. Wish I could meet them all, but there’s literally not enough time!

Keegan, 20

“My biggest problem was my nerves. I’d get so anxious I couldn't think of anything to write in my bio. And choosing the pics? I was clueless. I’d ask my friends and cousins for feedback, but the ones they’d pick would result in even fewer matches, lol. Now I have so many tricks up my sleeve and know exactly how to present myself. I must be doing something right cause I’ve been matching with so many cuties since taking this course."

Minh, 34

“For an average guy, recently divorced, like me - Tinder was a huge mess. My match rate was flatlined. Even getting likes was usually a disappointment as when you match with them and send a message often they don't reply or they unmatch. I felt like a weird old geezer. My confidence pretty much went down the toilet. But this course showed me I just had a few tips and” technical” points to apply. And… BOOM. 8 days later and I’m on a date with a girl way out of my league. Excited to see where this goes!”

Tyler, 49

This Is for You If

You Want to FINALLY Understand How to Make a Killer Profile & Get the High-Quality Matches.

Including how to:

      Play Smarter, not harder – 4x your Tinder matches without putting in more time, effort and money,

      Convert your steady stream of matches to juicy dates, crazy ONS, or a long-term fulfilling relationship,

      Tap into the winning mindset & supreme confidence,

      Go from being invisible to the suave “swiped-right” guy,

      Snap up the hottest girls… Before the eyes of your competitors,

      Start living your life to the fullest NOW.

This is NOT For You If

You think you can say “Abrakadabra” and magically slide into girls’ panties.

This method is FAST and POWERFUL

But you have to put in the work.

All you have to do is follow these proven frameworks that work…

With 95% success rate.

But first, let’s talk about…

The REAL Reason Why You’re Not Hooking Up With Hot Chicks on Tinder

You see, Tinder is a “winner-takes-it-all” universe.

The top 10% of guys that get more than 60% of ALL the matches on Tinder..

But here’s what nobody is telling you.

These winners are the guys who nailed the game of presenting themselves in the best way possible…

It’s NOT the Chads or models with perfectly chiseled jawline and 6-pack.

It’s the guys who know what they want and go for it.

Like I said — I’m no male model.

But you can’t deny the difference between these two photos:

Ben: Before - After

You see, it’s not the competition that’s holding you back from getting all the matches you want…

It’s not even the Tinder algorithm or you getting shadowbanned

Wanna know what’s REALLY holding you back?

It’s embarrassingly simple.


So ask yourself:

Why do you keep making the same mistakes again and again?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

I'll show you exactly how you can change.

But keep in mind…

You need to put in the work for your profile to work.

OK, let’s dive right in.

See, there are 2 parts of this problem.

The first one is…

You don’t know how to present yourself.

You see, here’s where most guys go wrong…

Your photo and bio are not congruent with who you are.

It’s not just about picking your best pic…

Or cramming your bio with a bunch of random stuff…

Your pic and bio need to vibe with your personality.

I know what you’re thinking.

“I already put a lot of effort into my photos and got no results. How is this going to work?”

I’ve been there.

You know about Tinder algorithms, right?

And after MANY trials & errors I figured it out.

Like all algorithms, they can be cracked.

Well, I wouldn’t be an engineer if I didn’t solve this problem.

I found 6 ultimate Tinder hacks that I used to multiply my matches by 4.

It was crazy seeing I could easily go from just 1 match to up to 10

In just 24 hours.

But I wanted to see if it would work for other guys…

And each time it would work like magic.


You can find out how to use the same hacks to make your profile POP.

Set yourself from all the dweebs on Tinder…

And FINALLY get more visibility, more likes, and more matches.

Your second problem?

You’re a generalist.

The world rewards specialization, my friend…

And so does Tinder.

What do I mean by this?

You’re casting your net TOO wide.

You’re trying to please everyone

But you end up matching NO ONE.

You need to flip the script and find your niche

And zero-in on the type of girl you want to attract.

It’s like the fishing net where the mesh is too wide apart…

So all the fish escape through the cracks.

Introducing... Unlimited Matches

Your One-Stop Solution For Crushing the Tinder Game, Bringing Your Best Self Out and Meeting More Hotties

Unlimited Matches

Discover the tricks to FINALLY dominate the Tinder algorithm instead of being part of the big silent blob of users – mostly shadowbanned!

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Plus, all the matches you can handle!

What Guys Are Saying About Unlimited Matches

The best money ever spent! I went from a guy always swiped left… To 3X my matches in like a week. This number will go up for sure as I’m following Ben’s advice like my life depends on it, lol. Cause it does. No way I’m going back to no matches EVER AGAIN!”

Jake, 23

“I was always that awkward, nerdy kid who didn't know how to talk to the girls. No wonder my Tinder game sucked. My cousin bought me this course as a prank, but I started getting matched up like crazy. The girl I’m FWB now…I met her on Tinder all thanks to this course. I couldn’t even dream about getting a girl like that before! Guess the joke is on my cousin, cause he’s still not getting any.”

Tony, 24

“I used to think that guys who get to become popular users on Tinder have something I don’t. Getting all those girls to swipe you right must be some type of magic, right? NAH. I now know it’s all about ME. I apply what I learned, I get the results. It’s that simple. I have the power to make it happen — nobody can do it for me. I’ve never felt this empowered and energized. Thanks to Ben, I’ve been pushing hard in so many areas of life, not just Tinder.”

Mike, 36

Become the Prize Girls on Tinder Will Fight For

Now, remember those 6 key breakthroughs we talked about earlier…

That you can use to improve FAST?

You see, each module of this course is dedicated to one area.

I’ve put together everything that worked for me on Tinder…

Into a five-hour online program that’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

I don’t care where you are in your life right now.

This has worked for 5,000+ guys

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Because it’s based on tried-and-true principles of human nature.

Remember – this is backed up by HARD science.

And the coolest part?

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Any ethnicity

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You can go through it at your own pace in less than 1 week

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That’s right.

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Here’s Everything You Get With Unlimited Matches

Module 1

Tinder Winning Mindset

Discover How to Prime Yourself For Tinder Success

Valued at $197

  • A. How Your Mindset Impacts Your Success With Girls

        Unlock the power of the winner’s mindset, crush the competition and attract girls with the right attitude.

  • B. Tinder-verse Uncovered

        Is Tinder my “Out-of-Celibacy” Card?

  • C. Niche down

        How to get clear on the type of girl you want to attract,

        Step-by-step process of attracting quality matches,

        Men archetypes women can’t say “no” to & how to use them to your advantage,

        Plus, how to make these changes LAST.

Module 2

Match-Boosting Photos

Present the best version of yourself & stand out in the crowd.

Valued at $297

  • A. The Basics

        Find out what makes a good/bad photo in the online dating world.

  • B. The “How”

        How many photos should you have (and why!),

        The secret of the optimal profile composition revealed.

  • C. Show Your Best Self

        How to optimize your photos and present the best version of you (while staying authentic).

  • D. Pics That Get Results

        See That for All Types of Pictures.

  • E. Get Feedback on Your photos

        Real techniques to get constructive feedback on what you should keep and change.

  • F. Most Frequent Profile Mistakes Guys Make

        Ignore them at your own risk.

  • G. The Anatomy of Top Tinder Profile - Niche by Niche

        Get inspiration & examples of top-performing profiles.

  • H. Live Review of Dating Profiles

        Uncover what’s working right now on Tinder.

  • I. Action Time: Get Your Hands Dirty

Module 3

Bio - the Secret Sauce of Tinder Success

How to whip up a bio so juicy that women feel COMPELLED to message you

Valued at $297

  • A. The Secret Behind Every Effective Bio

        Find out what makes her swipe right after reading.

  • B. Tried-and-tested Bio Structures That Deliver

        Tap into female psychology and use what’s already working.

  • C. Most Common Bio Mistakes

        Discover HUGE flops guys make that girls see as RED FLAGS — and stay away from them.

  • D. Leverage Your Job, Training and Company

        How to have it all – with minimal time and effort.

  • E. Action Time: Get Your Hands Dirty

Module 4

Hack Tinder Algorithm to 4x Your Matches

Start Gaming the System Fast

Valued at $297

  • A. How to Swipe Like a Pro

        Swipe the right way & maximize your chances for success.

  • B. Boost your ELO

        Avoid dumpster matches & get the attractive ones with high ELO.

  • C. Become a Model User

        How to become Mr. Popular and have girls flock to you.

  • D. Optimize Your Parameters

        You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

  • E. How ELO Evolves After You Create an Account

        Pull the curtains on Tinder behavioral data & use it for your gain.

  • F. Action Time: Create A Killer Tinder Profile

Module 5

Tinder Decoded: Every Single Tinder Issue Solved

Find Out Why Your Profile Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

Valued at $297

  • A. STOP Complaining Diagnostic

        Get the Answer to the Most Frequent Tinder Issues,

        Get help fast at your one-stop shop for every Tinder problem out there.

  • B. Shadowbanned

        Restricted by Tinder? Don’t wait for months to get back in the game like most guys!

  • C. No New Matches

        Hint: it’s NOT because you’re ugly – check out the most common reasons why this happens,

        Plus, how to get your matches back in no time!

  • D. I’m not MATCHING With Hot Girls

        Catch the hot ladies’ eyes with these surefire tactics.

  • E. Not Enough Girls in My Area

        Tinder is not showing you all the girls in your area – here’s how to fix it.

  • F. Inefficient Pics Organization

        Simple photo reordering tricks that make you more attractive.

  • G. My Niche is Too Small or Competition is Tough

        How to niche down like a pro and outsmart all the other guys on the app.

  • H. My Description Gets Backlashed

        Make them like you with these smart description tricks.

Module 6

9 Ultimate Tinder Hacks to Get You Instantly Swiped Right

Get the Ultimate Advantage Over Your Competitors

Valued at $297

  • A. The COMPLETE reset procedure

  • B. Tinder reset on STEROID

  • C. Find the Right Photographer

  • D. Age Hack

  • E. Location Hack

  • F. PAY LESS on Tinder

  • G. Get premium for FREE

  • H. Photo HACKS

  • I. Ultimate hack to remove Tinder shadowban (use it when everything else fails)

  • J. The hacker way routine

  • K. Action Time: Get Your Hands Dirty

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Bonus #1

Roasting Live: Tinder Profiles


      Experience Tinder From a Hot Girl’s Perspective,

      See dozens of profiles getting roasted LIVE,

      Uncover Biggest Tinder Fuckups 92% Guys Make & How to Avoid Them,

      Grab the Cheat Codes of Top Tinder Profiles (+ Top Profile Examples).

Bonus #2

Tinder Talk She Can’t Resist


      Master the winning Tinder openers,

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